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Time and Attendance Management
  • Different interfaces and time collection devices makes it easier to adapt to your workplace environment
  • Automatically transfer punch to our payroll, human resources, scheduler and billing modules
  • Thoroughly configured to eliminate common problems such as buddy punching, control in-out time ranges, remote locations, and many more
These are the basic modules for time collection, calculations and data readiness which consistently prepares all data to be ready for the Easy Payroll Professional Application and calculates all PR-Law exceptions in a efficient manner. Exceptions can be configured by departments and the user can create special shift exceptions, night differentials and much more.
Punch Clocks
  • Easy Payroll Biometric Terminal
    • Eliminates badge cards and time Cards
    • Eliminates buddy punching
    • Fast and easy to setup and use
    • Local and remote data collection
    • Provides the most accurate time and attendance solution available
  • Easy Payroll Punch Manager: All this in a touch screen interface.
    • Allows the user to punch in and punch out.
    • Allows the administrator to create privileges by user and allows users to review/edit the weekly hours.
    • Allows the supervisor to administer the weekly hours by jobs and phases.
    • Allows different report views based on user privileges.
  • Easy Payroll Manual Punch Gadget
    • Installs in the Windows side bar and allows the user to punch in/punch out with the versatility of the Windows side bar.
    • All punches are immediately calculated and saved in the database.
  • Easy Payroll PDA Manual Punch
    • Save punches in a PDA (windows mobile).
    • Assign all punches to a job/phase.
    • Export them to the Easy Payroll Synchronization Application, where punches will be saved in the actual database and calculated using actual punch rules with programmed
Data Collection
  • Easy Payroll Punch Reader.
      • Allows the user to communicate with different types of external devices with the purpose of extracting punch information.
      • Communicates and manages all lines of Hand Punch Devices and other devices.
      • Downloads the punch information from different sources or data collection devices, and saves the data to the back end database and calls the Easy Payroll punch calculation functions.
  • Easy Payroll Punch Import
      • Allows interaction between Easy Payroll and external data collection devices where punches can be imported from several data sources into the Easy Payroll Database.