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Human Resources
  • Gain control of your employee confidential record, and automate any repetitive task.
  • Easy to read reports provide the decision maker with all the information you need through our complete reports to better organize and direct your workforce
  • Automatically integrate, relate and organize all available data on the employee history regarding compensation, attendance, payroll, performance reviews and many moreā€¦
Measure your workforce performance
  • Create a detailed evaluation reports, document information about their job performance and behavior
  • Document, notify and create employee complaints, warnings, disciplinary, and/or corrective actions
  • Detailed employment verification
  • Register a detailed description of employees accidents on the job and fill out official OSHA forms
  • Accrued benefits history
  • Document any company equipment and/or materials loaned to or used by employees
  • Document employee inactivation history
  • Document and notify employee absentee patterns
Employee information and reports
  • Automates recruiting process and standards
  • Keeps records of interviews  and prospects candidates for recruiting
  • Blood Type, Allergies
  • Name and Contact Info of the employees Primary Physician
  • Termination or temporary leave from the job
  • Medical or Family Leave
  • Register important Reporting in case of emergencies
  • Temporary employment contract
  • Documents with dates of expiration
  • List employee contacts
  • Reduce employee lunch breaks
  • Requests for leave of absence or time off
  • Request for overtime hours
Complete Integration with Payroll Module
  • Direct deposit data
  • Any change of information to an employee payroll
  • Authorization of any additional deductions
  • Fill out and print Withholding forms for Puerto Rico Department of the Treasury (Hacienda)
  • Print directly from the software, all Payroll Returns including 941PR, 940PR, 499PR, 499R3, etc.